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With a self-proclaimed goal to showcase fresh talent as well as established artists, Melodymathics ensures quality with a versatile sound covering all influences of electronic music and touching flavors of house, jazz, techno, soul, funk, …

What started as a single concept supporting new talent on 10” releases, quickly evolved into a homebase for many true artists.

Along the 'Melodymathics ltd' 10 inch concept series, the catalog 'Out Of Stock' puts the focus on remixes with and by label related artists.

The label also brings a more mathematical prospect on DJ’ing with 'endless drumloops', 'endless chordloops' and 'acapella’s'.

A feature that can be found on every 'Melodymathics' release fitting the mood, sound and message of the EP. 

Melodymathics creates a new dimensions for DJ’s to work with and a label to rely on.


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