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"VINYL is just "one" of my favorite communication tools...."

Melodymann is a Belgian performer/producer who has already achieved a number of successful projects in the past. Under other aliases, he played various festivals and clubs all over the world.


The past years, he’s been unstoppable. With dozens releases on several quality house labels his productions are getting more recognition from all over the world.

He also caught the attention of Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse Records, Defected records and started a DJ residency at Leuven's Bar Nine.

His DJ sets are an extension of his energetic soul. Blending uplifting Deep House with a nostalgic feeling, he brings a melodious fresh sound influenced by funk, disco and jazz that originated throughout the years.

Already at a young age music was his passion.
As a teenager he got fascinated by Detroit music which made him start his musical career as artist on DJ Bone's BOOKREALDJ'S roster. His travels through different electronic styles enabled him to develop his own contemporary style.

His knowledge of present-day electronic music as well as of earlier styles is remarkable and clearly proven in his DJ performances today.

Location: Belgium

Alias: Klaina

Genre: Funky, Disco-House, Deep House, Deep Techno

Label Owner: Melodymathics

Labels: Moodyhouse, House Please!, MadHouse Records, Soiree Records, Broken Records, Purveyor Underground, Divine Records, Snazzy Traxx, Gents & Dandys, Soulstar, Loving Records, Muzik & Friends, Heat Up music, Lisztomania Records, RF Recordings, ...

Venue's played:  Basing House (UK) / Motorcity Wine (USA) /

Bookies (USA) / Romantso (GR) / Sunshine Bar (GR) / Edem (GR) /

ADE (NL) / Deep House Amsterdam (NL) / Psychothrill Köln (DE) /

Golzheim (DE) / Rockerill (BE) / Rumba (BE) / Epicerie Moderne (BE) /

Bar Nine (BE) / Kozzmozz (BE) / Decadance (BE) / Silo (BE) /

House Clubbing Festival (BE) / Fort 7 (BE) / Laundry Day (BE) / ...

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