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A Deeper Look Inside : MELODYMANN

As the man behind the Melodymathics imprint - how would you describe the ethos of the label and style of music it purveys?


  • Deep, Funk, Soulful with an aim for danceable groove’s. Jazz & Disco inspired funk with an house beat might be more precise tough! haha..

How has 2016 been so far? What were the best moments and what are you looking forward to in 2017?


  • 2016 has been absolutely lovely to us. Its hard to pick one moment, cause I really enjoy every night-out as long as I can DJ. Maybe the most creditable moment might be me playing on a Greek Island and getting the club owner asking me to do a residency there next year. The mix is still on my soundcloud and gives a warm feeling every time I listen to it.


  • What am I looking forward is a hard question, not knowing how much life will grant me in the future. But I’ll keep focussed on myself, my Melodymathics label and my music foremost while staying open minded for anything that crosses my path.

Melodymann - Morning Light
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How did this EP with the musical masterminds of Fabrice Lig and KiNK come about?


  • One of our good local buddy’s and DJ/Promoter “Detune” trowed a party booking Fabrice Lig. Who feels like family to us. It kinda all came together when label partner Sabina and I were dancing till the chords of KiNK & FABRICE LIG ‘House Version’ kicked in. We both looked at each other and ran to the booth to read the track title …. When you both got that feeling that's ok. But when a whole club feels that vibe, that’s amazing.


What DJ’s have inspired you to get where you have in the DJ game and what is your advice to aspiring DJ’s?


  • We’re all kinda working on the basic musical fundamentals ‘originated in Detroit and Chicago’. So my main focus has always been out there. Can’t drop a number one, but Dj Bone, Terrence Parker, Dj Pierre and Dave Clarke from U.K. 


  • Advice to DJ’s is be yourself, discover your own style. Learn to play on turntables FIRST and don’t go running around with an ego please ;)


  What keeps you motivated and what are your long-term goals in the future?


  • Love is the thing that keeps me going. If it isn’t the crowd during the events, its the messages and replies to the music Sabina and I put out on Melodymathics. Music is all feeling to me, so its really precious and personal to me when somebody understands what we’re trying to say.

  • Long therm goals might be having a residency on a warm island, where I can build a new production studio and see what comes out of my ‘tropical' influenced soul. 

Latest Activities : 

KiNK & Fabrice Lig 12" 

Lost Tapes : 12" Vinyl


Melodymann : TAUB Recordings


Launch : Bandcamp 

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